Winner 2023

Stephanie Ward Online Business Services Ltd has been bestowed a 2023 Global Recognition Award for their exceptional service and contribution to the neurodivergent community. This award is a testimony of Stephanie Ward’s ardor and dedication towards propelling a positive change in society. As a resolute advocate for neurodivergence, the firm provides vital support services, including work access, showcasing their willingness to understand and utilize their capabilities to stand for a cause that affects millions globally.


Pivotal milestones have been achieved under Stephanie’s leadership, one of them being the creation of a charity offering work experience placements and funded programs to SEND children. This monumental development aims at ensuring these young minds are granted a propitious future filled with meaningful employment opportunities. Additionally, the firm’s innovations deserve commendation; their in-progress training program is a first in its line, and has the potential of catalyzing positive transformations in the lives of children with SEND and adults with conditions like ADHD and autism.


This unique approach taken by Stephanie Ward Online Business Services Ltd differentiates them from their competitors. More than just a business, the dedication to the cause is a personal mission for Stephanie. Being neurodivergent herself and having struggled with hip dysplasia, she understands the challenges faced by this community better than most. It’s with this profound empathy Stephanie constructed her business empire, setting it apart from the rest.


The company’s top-selling service, providing support worker services through access to work, mirrors their determined commitment. The recognition they received in The National Diversity Awards this year further attests to their tireless endeavours. But what truly marks the scale of their impact is the increase in their client base – from merely three, they’ve grown to around fifty clients, giving employment to more people and sponsoring local football teams, thus extending their support to the broader community.


Stephanie Ward Online Business Services Ltd is an embodiment of resilience, innovation, and impactful service, and it’s for these reasons and more they’re the deserved recipients of a 2023 Global Recognition Award.