Global Recognition Awards
Daniel Mikus and James & Jessica Rolph, Founders of Pelly-Can Asphalt

Pelly-Can Asphalt's Remarkable Customer Service Earns Them the 2023 Global Recognition Award

In a resounding acknowledgment of corporate excellence and innovation, Pelly-Can Asphalt and its Founders, Daniel Mikus and James & Jessica Rolph, have received the prestigious 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Pellycan Ashphalt’s Impressive Achievements

Within the span of merely twelve months, Pelly-Can Asphalt transformed from an unfamiliar entity into a leader in the business landscape, achieving a remarkable eight-figure revenue. Daniel Mikus remarked, “In just under a year, we turned an initial investment of $100,000 into a revenue growth of 1000%.” The company’s substantial financial progress underscores its forward-thinking strategy, entrepreneurial ethos, and business acumen.

Revolutionizing Conventional Business Approaches

Rather than adhering to conventional business paths, Pelly-Can Asphalt embraces an exceptionally distinctive approach. The company’s customer-centric principle serves as the cornerstone of its successful business strategy. This innovative framework ensures that solutions align precisely with client objectives, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes. Mikus confidently stated, “Through reverse-engineering our solutions, we consistently deliver precisely what our clients need.”

Pelly-Can Asphalt’s Highly Successful Premier Service

Pelly-Can Ashphalt’s flagship service, asphalt services, swiftly positioned itself among prominent players in the industry, attracting hundreds of clients in its inaugural year. Their ability to secure contracts typically reserved for high-ranking ASX-listed companies showcases Pelly-Can Ashphalt’s market insight and competitive advantage. Mikus emphasized, “We embrace disruption and our unconventional methods yield results that our clients truly appreciate.” 

Daniel and James have now taken this remarkable proof of concept and established a rebranded joint entity launching September 1st, 2023 – (Mikus-Rolph Roads – MR-Roads ™). This will be established on the wildly successful Pelly-Can Asphalt concept. MR-Roads has been forecasted to hit $20 million (AUD) this financial year alone.

The Global Recognition Awards, a celebration of excellence in business and innovation, found Pelly-Can Asphalt and its founders Daniel Mikus James & Jessica Rolph entirely deserving of this year’s recognition due to their blueprint for success. Alex Sinclair from Global Recognition Awards noted, “Pelly-Can Ashphalt’s unprecedented growth, market disruption, and reputation for securing major contracts exemplify why they have earned this accolade.”


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Daniel Pikus, Daniel Mikus and James & Jessica Rolph

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