Winner 2023

Car Mechanical Services (Australia) Celebrates Esteemed 2023 Global Recognition Award™

A 2023 Global Recognition Award has been conferred upon Metalavie, an exceptional firm pioneering in the metal installation industry. This recognition arises from the company’s significant achievements, innovative practices, and a business model grounded in integrity and respect.

Underpinning their earning of a 2023 Global Recognition Award is the company’s impressive financial performance. With an annual revenue of over 1.98 million last year and an expectation to surpass three million this year, Metalavie’s consistent growth is undeniable. They demonstrated an impressive 33% revenue growth in the past year alone and are on course for sustained expansion, predominantly attributed to their penetration into the broader province of Quebec.

The radical business model employed by Metalavie further highlights their worthiness of a 2023 Global Recognition Award. By prioritizing fair pay and work conditions for both their sales team and installers, they have created a work environment rooted in respect and integrity. This humane approach towards employee treatment is rare in today’s corporate landscape and has triggered immense growth for Metalavie within a short span of three years.

Their distinction in innovation is another contributing factor to receiving a 2023 Global Recognition Award. Metalavie has seamlessly integrated their two decades of industry experience with present-day technologies for improved marketing and sales. A remarkable example of this is their adoption of remote technologies such as drones to enhance workflow efficiency. Their ingenuity in leveraging technology for business growth is commendable.

A core factor attributing to their 2023 Global Recognition Award is their unparalleled product—the ARMADURA METAL ROOF. Being the exclusive distributor and installer for the product in the Quebec province, Metalavie exhibits unwavering faith in offering only the finest to their clients. Their business rest on the solid foundation of customer trust and satisfaction, leading to exceptional growth in sales and installations each season.

The company’s recognition on TVA’s ‘HISTOIRE DE SUCCES’ and ‘LA MAISON DU VINGTIEME SIECLE’ magazine adequately vouches for their eligibility for a 2023 Global Recognition Award. Metalavie’s triumph is undoubted in their maintaining a 5-star online rating across various platforms, overcoming the competition from other noteworthy entities in the metal installation industry.

In conclusion, Metalavie’s impressive financial growth, innovative practices, and unyielding commitment to employees and customers have deservedly won them a 2023 Global Recognition Award. May Metalavie continue to redefine standards and achieve new successes in their business journey.