Winner 2023

Lori McNeil International wins Global Recognition Award

Lori McNeil International / Legacy Builders has been awarded a 2023 Global Recognition AwardsTM due to their outstanding achievements in educating and empowering entrepreneurs across the globe. Through innovative use of media, marketing, and branding, Lori McNeil has helped countless individuals build strong, lasting legacies in their respective fields. 


Lori’s impressive accomplishments have drawn significant attention from influential organizations and platforms, such as Think and Grow Rich World Tour, numerous publications, and live events. Being selected as one of the speakers for the largest virtual conference in the world, with 2.25 million live participants, and being invited back for the 2023 World Tour is a testament to her expertise and impact in the business world.


As an educator and business strategist, Lori McNeil leverages her unique educational and professional background to create transformative content and programs that resonate with entrepreneurs. With over 20 co-authored books, 2 solo books, and 500 published articles annually, Lori consistently shares valuable tools to help others reach new heights of success.


Legacy Builders, Lori’s flagship coaching program, has changed lives globally, impacting thousands of individuals from various walks of life. Lori’s dedication to driving global change is realized through her leadership and guidance, inspiring entrepreneurs to harness the power of media and branding.


Lori’s extensive knowledge and skillset, which includes holding a B.S, B.A, M.B.A, M.Ed, DCL, and Ed.S, make her a sought-after strategist, teacher, and speaker. Her impressive roster of achievements, such as being named “Top Business Strategist of the Year 2023 (AOTP)” and “Best Business Coach of the Year 2022 (M&A),” further highlight her outstanding contributions to the entrepreneurial community.


Through the Media Secrets coaching program, Lori helps entrepreneurs understand and implement effective strategies for delivering their messages and pushing their legacies forward. This dedication to teaching the importance of alignment and strategic planning empowers entrepreneurs to create real change in their businesses and the global market.


Lori McNeil’s engagement in various influential publications, her status as a regular invited guest speaker at significant events worldwide, and her countless accolades speak to the outstanding achievements and impact she has throughout the business world. 


The 2023 Global Recognition Award is a fitting testament to Lori McNeil’s unwavering dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and creating lasting, positive change across the globe.