Winner 2023

Jack of All Trades 239 Celebrates Esteemed 2023 Global Recognition Award™

Jack of all Trades 239 LLC has been awarded a 2023 Global Recognition Award for their commendable level of commitment, innovation, and tangible success in the face of adversity. Post level 5 hurricane Ian, the company rose to the challenge, displaying tremendous growth and perseverance, and focused its efforts on assisting their community in rebuilding, not merely doing business.

The company’s driving force behind winning a 2023 Global Recognition Award is accomplished through their phenomenal growth and strategic resilience. They have exhibited an exceptional 60% growth in their revenue by innovatively fabricating and rebuilding more than 500 damaged Screen Enclosures. This enormous feat stands as a paramount testament to their dedication to quality service and continually pushing limits despite challenging circumstances.

Setting Jack of all Trades 239 LLC apart and securing their place as a 2023 Global Recognition Award winner is their innovation and ceaseless commitment to improving product quality. The company has introduced more durable and reliable designs for their aluminum Screen Enclosures. Their best-selling product, the Monster Picture Window Screen Enclosures, is a prime example of their innovative approach to inculcate better designs that resist hurricane impacts, further demonstrating their contribution in this competitive sector.

What truly highlights Jack of all Trades 239 LLC as a brilliant contender for a 2023 Global Recognition Award is the company’s ethos. They are not just about achieving business milestones; they are determined to go above and beyond for their customers, as evidenced by their remarkable clientele of 2000 since launching. Despite competition, they have managed to stay ahead with their customer-centric mindset and commitment to quality, affirming their deserving spot for this year’s Global Recognition Award.