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Fryar Legal Services, LLC Receives a 2023 Global Recognition Award™

We are thrilled to announce that Fryar Legal Services, LLC has been bestowed with a 2023 Global Recognition Award for their extraordinary commitment in providing low-bono, pro-bono conservator work, and consultancy for dual-diagnosed homeless clients. Their effective and innovative approach in transforming these clients’ lives has been exemplary and deserving of recognition.

In bestowing the 2023 Global Recognition Award to Fryar Legal Services, LLC, we recognized their outstanding effort in not only assisting individual clients but also in extending their impact to training and supporting housing providers and case managers. It is a boon to society that such efficiencies designed by Fryar Legal Services have been acknowledged and adopted at the state level.

The 2023 Global Recognition Award also acknowledges Fryar Legal Services’ unique approach within the industry as a private company leveraging local, state, and federal services for the benefit of their clients. This shows a unique adaptability to forge out maximum benefits from available resources, positioning it as a front runner in this innovative approach.

Part of the reasons why a 2023 Global Recognition Award has been awarded to Fryar Legal Services, LLC is their remarkable feat in creating incentive programs to recruit attorneys and professionals to work in similar spheres. This proves their dedication towards expanding the footprint of supportive services across the industry, achieving widespread and lasting impact.

Finally, the awarding of a 2023 Global Recognition Award would be incomplete without acknowledging Fryar Legal Services’ impressive client base. Their commitment to their mission is shown by the fact that they have served over 2,000 clients since their inception, a testament to their dedication and effectiveness in their field.


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Fryar Legal Services, LLC is providing low-bono, pro-bono conservator work and consultancy for dual-diagnosed homeless clients.


Plainville, CT. USA


Michael Fryar, JD, MBA

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