Global Recognition Awards

BET Group Global Pty Ltd Receives A 2023 Global Recognition Award

In the realm of business, where fiscal performance often shadows moral and social imperatives, BET Group Global Pty Ltd has emerged as a rarity, synthesizing profitability with a zealous advocacy for accessible housing. The company, navigating through the intricacies of the Australian disability sector, isn’t merely a bystander to the prevalent challenges in accessible housing—it is an assertive participant in reshaping narratives and providing tangible solutions for 4.4 million Australians with disabilities. Without a mandatory accessibility standard, BET doesn’t just identify the issue but passionately advocates for inclusive government policies, embedding this advocacy within its corporate mission.

An Innovational Commitment Towards Disability and Society

The company’s resolution doesn’t linger in the corridors of advocacy alone; it seeps profoundly into action. Their mission to forge a world where individuals with disabilities are uninhibited by their physical circumstances in seizing opportunities is not merely rhetoric. It’s realized through the provision of housing solutions that embody a harmonious blend of innovation, style, and practicality to 150 beneficiaries since its inception. With homes designed to cater to an array of independence and support requirements and extending support that is perpetual and encompassing, BET Group Global redefines what disability housing can embody.

Prestigious Recognitions and a Testament to Resilient Operations

The fusion of altruism with practical business operation hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recognition through the Telstra Business Award 2023 and Fast Movers in SA 2023 underscores the prowess and impact of their work. It further cements the principle that businesses, when aligned with a noble cause and driven by innovative strategies, can carve out pathways of success that traverse beyond financial gain. Moreover, Emily Korir’s acknowledgment as the Most Outstanding CEO in Australia in 2023 accentuates that astute, compassionate leadership is pivotal in navigating the enterprise towards its dual objectives of social impact and corporate success.

Final Words

Striding through an industry laden with both operational and societal challenges, BET Group Global Pty Ltd stands out as a beacon of what’s achievable when purpose, innovation, and leadership coalesce. Their impact, both in the tangible realm of business operations and the societal sphere, weaving through the tapestry of accessible housing in Australia, brings them into the spotlight, and rightfully so. Thus, it is through a lens of unwavering commitment to elevating industry standards and fostering tangible societal change, that they are heralded as recipients of a 2023 Global Recognition Award.


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Disability Housing and Support Registered Provider

What They Do

BET Group is a locally owned family business providing housing and support services for people living with disability.


Maylands, SA


Emily Korir

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Company Size

300 employees


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