Laxmi Sarat Chandra Nunnaguppala CELEBRATES 2024 GLOBAL RECOGNITION AWARD™

Global Recognition Awards

Laxmi Sarat Chandra Nunnaguppala Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Laxmi Sarat Chandra Nunnaguppala has earned a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional work in cybersecurity, specifically in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and compliance. His efforts have significantly fortified the security frameworks of numerous high-profile companies, profoundly influencing industry standards for security practices.

As a Senior Security Engineer at Equifax Inc., Nunnaguppala has pioneered the integration and customization of SIEM technologies that have been crucial in protecting sensitive data across diverse sectors, including banking, healthcare, and entertainment. His leadership in these roles has solidified Equifax’s defenses and promoted stringent compliance with critical standards such as PCI and HIPAA, enhancing trust and reliability in business-customer relationships.

Industry-Wide Influence and Innovations

Nunnaguppala is a thought leader in the cybersecurity arena. His research articles on PCI compliance in CRM systems and security integration in customer relationship management are published in recognized journals such as the International Journal for Innovative Engineering and Management Research. These contributions continue to shape the future of cybersecurity practices and principles.

He is also celebrated for his role in advancing cybersecurity solutions, evidenced by his International Best Innovation Award at the ISSN International Research Awards 2024 for his research on SIEM and Compliance. His strategic approach to consolidating security practices following the 2018 breach at Equifax has dramatically improved security measures across five regions.

Commitment to Community and Industry Standards

Nunnaguppala’s engagement extends beyond his corporate role. He serves on the editorial boards of several prestigious journals and acts as a judge for the esteemed Globee® Business Awards. These positions demonstrate his dedication to nurturing a secure, ethical cybersecurity landscape by influencing industry standards and mentoring future professionals.

His certified expertise in SIEM has enabled him to design solutions that ensure continuity and robust security for vital infrastructures. His efforts have supported over 40 organizations in maintaining high security and compliance standards, which are crucial for their operational integrity and reputation.

Final Words

The extensive impact of Nunnaguppala’s work in the field of cybersecurity defines why he is a deserving recipient of a 2024 Global Recognition Award. His achievements extend beyond his immediate professional responsibilities and influence the broader industry, setting new standards and creating benchmarks for security and compliance.

This recognition honors his current accomplishments and encourages ongoing innovation and excellence within the cybersecurity field. For these compelling reasons, his contributions are recognized as outstanding within the framework of the Global Recognition Awards, marking a commitment to excellence that the awards aim to highlight each year.


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New York, USA

What They Do

Laxmi Sarat Chandra Nunnaguppala, a Senior Security Engineer at Equifax Inc., has made significant contributions to cybersecurity, specializing in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and compliance. His work involves pioneering SIEM technology integration, which has bolstered data protection across sectors like banking, healthcare, and entertainment. He's recognized for enhancing compliance with standards like PCI and HIPAA, improving security frameworks significantly. Nunnaguppala also influences the broader cybersecurity industry through his research, published works, and roles in various editorial boards and awards panels. His efforts have advanced cybersecurity solutions and practices.


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